MR Direct 848 Large Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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The MR Direct 848 comes in the body of a premium sink, the functionality of a high-end sink, and the price of a cheap, low-end sink. And if this combination sounds like something you would be interested in, stick around as we discuss it in detail.

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Amazing Styling

The MR Direct 848 comes in a very attractive design that manages to be both stylish and simple. Its shape is rectangular and expansive, aimed at offering the best of style and functionality.

The difference it would create in your kitchen would be marvelous. If you have been using a double-bowl sink, you would never want to go back to it after using the MR Direct 848 single-bowl sink.

Its texture is also unique, nothing you usually come across. It has a classy feel to it that certainly wouldn’t fail to please anyone that sets their eyes on it.

Rare Durability

The problem with sinks that look great but are priced as affordably as MR Direct 848 is that they often demand a compromise on the durability. However, it actually manages to offer the kind of “rare” durability it promises, through its unique material combination of 80% quartz and 20% acrylic.

The acrylic gives the sink the feel and touch it needs to look gorgeous (and be a quiet sink), while the quartz makes it one of the most durable sinks in its price range.

Large and Highly Functional

Ranging from bathing the babies to putting a tub in it for extra functionality, MR Direct 848 can accommodate pretty much everything. This level of functionality is hard to come by in this price range, especially when you’re getting so much in terms of the aesthetics as well.

Something that takes its functionality to another level is its super large size. It can fit in all types of large pans and pots, and other types of utensils that an average-sized sink would find hard to keep up with.


Low Maintenance

You would probably be surprised to hear this – especially if you’re aware of how maintenance-heavy quartz sinks typically are – but MR Direct 848 is indeed surprisingly low on maintenance. In fact, despite it being a quartz sink that looks great, all you need to do to keep it clean is wipe down using a sponge.

Sure, you can use a foam cleaner weekly to maintain its look in the long-term, but it’s not absolutely required or it would look ugly if you don’t do it. And that’s because it usually doesn’t get water spots, stains or even scratches if you’re a bit careful with how you use it.

And this all is despite being priced at the low end of what quartz sinks are usually priced at, speaking volumes about the kind of value you’re getting here.

Fitting is an Issue

While the MR Direct 848 is a great sink being offered at a great price, there are a couple of downsides to it. One of them is that it’s a bit too deep, meaning that the fitting can be an issue.

This is especially true if you have a smaller countertop. Customers even mention about having to re-do a drain pipe too, which isn’t a lot of hassle but something to take into consideration as well.

Can Get Scratches if You’re Not Careful

While we did say that MR Direct 848 usually doesn’t get scratches, we also added that you have to be a bit careful with the way you use it for that. We only found one customer complaining of scratches though, but we suspect that has something to do with the way they were using the sink, as the other customers are all praise for the sink, with one of them saying it has been resistant to scratches as well.

The key takeaway here is that don’t expose the surface of the sink directly to sharp objects, and you will most likely be fine.


  • One of the most amazing-looking sinks in this price range
  • Unlike other affordable quartz, you can expect it to stand the test of time
  • The material itself works as a natural sound-deadener, meaning it would be quiet when being used
  • Surprisingly low maintenance and easy to clean


  • The fitting is a bit of a hassle
  • Like most quartz sinks, including some of the high-end ones, it may get scratches if you’re very rough with the way you use it

Is it a Perfect Sink?

NO, the MR Direct 848 is not a perfect kitchen sink! That said, it’s probably as good as it can get for a quartz sink in this price range, and if you can be a bit careful with using it, there’s nothing much that can turn out to be an issue with it.

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