KOHLER K-5827 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Single Bowl Sink Review

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If you’re willing to spend good money on a product that’s “premium” all-around, the KOHLER K-5827 is certainly something that’s going to appeal to you.

There’s a lot to talk about this beast, so we won’t waste any time with the introduction and get right down to business.

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Timeless Sink

If you have spent top dollar building or remodeling your kitchen, there’s no reason you would want to go cheap on the kitchen sink. After all, the kitchen sink is a crucial component of your kitchen, and it can very well make or break it when it comes to how attractive or ordinary the overall look of your kitchen turns out to be.

That being said, the KOHLER K-5827 is pretty much the best you can get if you want to complement your kitchen’s “premium” look. This sink is probably as premium as they get, and it’s going to make your kitchen look a whole lot better than most other sinks out there.

Now, if you’re wondering why the product doesn’t exactly look as beautiful as we describe it to be, then let us tell you that the pictures do a very poor job of giving you an idea of what brings to the table in terms of the looks. The real thing is way more gorgeous than it looks in the pictures, and you can find many customers saying exactly that in their reviews.

As Durable as a Tank!

The KOHLER K-5827 is not your typical stainless steel sink! It weighs about 116 pounds, and it’s so durable that we would be surprised if it lasts you anything less than a lifetime. It’s made using enameled cast iron and is resistant to all sorts of things that can otherwise absolutely damage a sink in more ways than you can imagine.

There’s going to be no cracking, chipping or burning even if you end up putting hot pans and pots right in the middle of the sink. Now, that is saying something, as not many sinks can withstand that kind of rough use.

Also, unlike other sinks, whatever rare stains it will get (as a result of some rough, aggressive use on your end) are going to be very temporary and can easily be cleaned in a few minutes.


Workspace You Will Love!

Nothing is ordinary about the KOHLER K-5827. While we talked about how it surprises on both the looks and durability front, it’s just as impressive when it comes to being functional as well.

A customer mentioned in their review how they thought they would be better served with a divided sink in order to have two different sections but ended up being more satisfied with this single bowl sink. They say they love the extra room and it meets their needs exceptionally well.

Again, the pictures of this product won’t give you much of an idea of the kind of roominess it comes with. However, you would be surprised when you actually use it, as it will easily let in oversize pots, pans, trays and more while still leaving plenty of room for you to be able to work comfortably.

Not the Usual Design

The KOHLER K-5827 is actually designed in a rather innovative way, with the slightly slopped bottom that allows for hassle-free drainage and cleaning. Also, it boasts a “Self-Trimming” design, which means that it would only require a rough cut to be installed. This is again something worth noting given that this is not very common with heavy and extremely durable sinks.

The KOHLER K-5827 is apparently also one of the few sinks out there that’s “true to its size,” which makes it an especially ideal option for those that have custom-built cabinets.

Finally, they say you get what you pay for. However, in this case, you seem to be getting a lot more than what you’re paying for, despite the seemingly premium price tag.

If you want the best of everything without paying the most expensive of prices, the KOHLER K-5827 might just be what you’re looking for.

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