KOHLER K-5540 Prolific Workstation Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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kohler prolific sink reviewsFor a kitchen connoisseur, even the smallest of turnscrews and fixtures serve a vital purpose as well as adding to the overall glam quotient of the space.

And when it comes to kitchen faucets and sinks, even a minor inconvenience or design flaw is deemed no less than a criminal offense to those who want nothing but absolute perfection for their kitchen-decor.

And if you’re out to get the perfect kitchen sink, then we’ve just got the thing for you from none other than the house of Kohler itself!

The Kohler Prolific 3-inch stainless steel workstation is one kitchen-sink that you cannot go wrong with.

Apart from bringing in the class and elegance in your cookhouse, this kitchen sink presents a wide range of functional features that will make your kitchen job a lot easier and cleaning the dishes a lot more interesting.

Simply read on to know more about this classic beauty we’re reviewing for you today!

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About the brand

Founded by John Michael Kohler in 1873 in Wisconsin, Kohler Co. is acknowledged as a name that is committed to delivering spectacular home decor and lifestyle products and an unparalleled customer care service, with over 140 years of experience.

The company prides itself over its unmatched craftsmanship, innovation, and design that has won millions of hearts, earning momentous goodwill and a remarkable market presence in the shower and kitchen plumbing unit industry.

Kohler Prolific Kitchen Sink Review 2021: Features

The kitchen sink comes with an awesome combination of utilitarian features that is designed to simplify the tedious chores for you.

kohler prolific kitchen sink review

The standout aspects of this Kohler kitchen sink are:

  • It comes with a bamboo cutting board, grated racks, wash bin and colander all integrated into the same unit
  • Has a minimum cabinet width of 33”- 36”
  • Comes with grated ledges to efficiently make space for all your accessories at hand
  • Presents Kohler’s SilentShield sound absorption technology
  • It is made of premium grade 18-gauge steel for lasting durability and performance
  • Provides the benefit of undermount installation.

What did we like about this model?

In all honesty, we did expect highly of the model simply because of our utmost trust in the brand name. Yet, the results that it delivered were no less of a surprise that really made us appreciate the overall functionality of the sink.

And here’s what we have to say about it:

Product design

The overall dimensions of the sink measure 33” x 17-¾” with a 10” deep bowl and a recessed drain that makes it even more extensive. It gives you a highly functional spacious workstation that can accommodate a large number of utensils all at once and prevents water from splashing all over the place.

However, make sure that this sink is not too deep for your wall drain, in which case, you’ll have to lower the outlet in the wall. Otherwise, it can be easily used for soaking large pans and utensils and effectively draining the water off through its outlet.

Soundproof performance

This was one of the things that we totally admired about the product. Kohler uses their unique SilentShield technology for effective noise absorption.

It makes for a peaceful cleaning experience, preventing the irritable clatter of utensils in the sink. And this, in our opinion, should be a vital aspect regarding any cleaning appliance or space.

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Integrated unit

One of the most essential features of Kohler Prolific is its completely integrated workstation that includes a bamboo cutting board, two grated racks, wash bin and colander all in the same unit.

The grated ledges of the sink allow you to keep all the necessary objects at the desired height so that you can customize the workplace according to your usability and preference. Simply stack up and slide the objects to the height and placement that you require.

The racks work well as drying racks for dishes and can also support heavy pans and pots.

The ergonomically designed unit features 3 fully sliding tiers that efficiently keep your counter-top free of mess and well-organized.

Undermount Installation

This Kohler kitchen sink gives you the advantage of an undermount installation. This comes with no faucet holes so that you could select one that suits your taste and your kitchen style the best.

This provides us with the benefit of preference which is difficult to find in most sinks and basins.

What could have been better?

Although we really didn’t have much to complain about this sink, we only wish it was as scratch-resistant as it claims to be. It scratches quite easily, and that can make the finish lose its luster over time, as is the case with other common brands.

Also, the bottom of the sink may be a bit flat which may require a bit of an effort to clean.


  • Highly durable material
  • Easy installation
  • Complements all kitchen decor
  • Greatly functional unit


  • Not a scratch resistant product
  • The bottom may take an effort to clean


Kohler is one brand that is globally taken to be an index of trust. And the Kohler Prolific delivers all that we could ask of an ideal and standard kitchen sink.

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