Franke Primo Dual Mount Granite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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Let’s face it. Granite sinks can often cost a bomb. And while there are cheap ones too, they often have durability or other issues that can sometimes lead to a disappointing experience.

But if you’re looking for something that’s everything a great granite sink can be, without costing what such a granite sink typically does, then you would certainly want to read through this post as we review the Franke Primo.

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Franke Primo Granite Sink Reviews 2020

Looks Beautiful

franke primo granite sink reviewsWhile the Primo doesn’t come in a very fancy or extraordinary design, it’s clean, simplistic design is just as beautiful. Regardless of which color you choose based on your kitchen’s overall color scheme or theme, the sink is going to enhance the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

And while granite sinks don’t usually disappoint as far as the looks are concerned, you certainly cannot say the same when shopping for a sink in the cheaper price ranges. However, the Primo manages to look pretty attractive for a budget granite sink, allowing customers to stay within their budget without compromising on the look of the sink.

9-Inch Deep Bowl

The Primo is a single bowl sink, but it’s 9 inches deep. Customers that bought the sink mentioned how impressed they are with its ability to let them wash large pans and pots easily, which used to be a hassle with their previous double bowl sink.

It can also fit in quite a few utensils at the same time, allowing the users to soak their utensils as well.

Focus on Hygiene

There aren’t many sinks on the market that pay special attention to making the sink more hygienic for the users, especially in this price range. However, the Franke Primo really surprises us here by coming with a sanitized built-in protective barrier, which goes a long way in keeping the sink free of bacteria, even when there’s a considerable time gap between the cleaning cycles.

This means that even if some leftover food stuff ends up sitting in the sink for too long, it may not lead to any hygienic issues. The sink’s protective barrier will prevent the growth of bacteria during such a situation to quite an extent.

No Stains or Scratches

We know this is going to be hard to believe, but apparently there has been no customer complaining of the sink getting scratches or stains. This is really something we didn’t expect given the fact that it’s a granite sink (which tends to be much more prone to staining) and also a very cheap sink.

However, Franke definitely seems to be delivering a lot of value here by making sure that the Primo doesn’t stain or even gets scratches despite offering it at such a budget-friendly price.

Apart from stains and scratches, the Primo is also resistant to heat damage, which is undoubtedly something extremely hard to come by at this price point.

Low Maintenance

As there are going to be no stains to get rid of, the cleaning and maintenance for the Primo are going to be a breeze. One of the hardest parts of the maintenance of a cheap granite sink is removing the stains that keep showing up on a regular basis.

However, as the Primo may not have any stains, it would take a lot of challenge out of its usual maintenance needs.


  • The Primo looks clean and beautiful
  • The sink is very deep and would allow you to wash large pans and pots with ease; you would also be able to soak many utensils in the sink at the same time
  • It comes with a built-in protective barrier that helps prevent bacteria growth on the surface of the sink, ensuring a more hygienic cleaning experience
  • The sink doesn’t get scratches or stains easily, which also makes it super easy to keep it clean


  • There could sometimes be a shipping issue leading to the user being delivered a damaged sink; but it isn’t very common, and if it does happen with you, you would easily be able to ask for a replacement

It Doesn’t Get Any Better!

That’s right. It really doesn’t get any better than this unless you can afford to spend a lot more than what the Franke Primo is priced at. It’s a granite sink and offers all the advantages of being one while managing to get around the common issues associated with a cheap granite sink.

So if your budget doesn’t allow you to go for a much more expensive granite sink, the Franke Primo is probably as good as it can get for you.

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