Franke Gravity Dual Mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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Granite sinks can be darn expensive, and trying to find gems in the cheaper price ranges can be a tricky business. However, we have done all the hard work for you and found the sink that’s both affordable and everything that you would want to be.

So without further ado, let us review for you the Franke Gravity.

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Composite Granite Construction

Of all granite sinks, the most durable are often the ones that boast a composite granite construction. However, finding one in this range is pretty rare, which makes the Gravity one of the better granite sinks on the market, especially for those that wouldn’t like to spend the kind of money these beasts typically demand.

Needless to say, you can expect the Gravity to be extremely durable, but surprisingly, without compromising on any of the other important fronts as you will see below.

A “Praise-Magnet”

As one of the customers say in their review, you will get praise from pretty much everyone that sees it. It’s a beautiful sink and would go well with most types of kitchen designs.

Honestly, the picture doesn’t do it much justice; the sink looks much better than what the picture would have you believe.

Surprisingly Easy to Clean

This is definitely something that surprised us. Granite sinks are known for their high maintenance and are typically challenging to clean and to keep them looking great.

However, the Gravity manages to stand out in this aspect as well, with the customers of the sink saying that all they have to do as maintenance is rinse it. Both the surface and the corners clean perfectly, and on top of that, it doesn’t even attract water spots easily.

Prone to Common Sink Issues

Adding to its low maintenance, the Franke Gravity is also prone to common issues like stains, scratches, nicks and more. In fact, you also wouldn’t have to worry about putting hot pots into the sink, which could end up damaging many of the other sinks in this price range.

Some customers even have been punching out additional holes in the sink without encountering any problem, which speaks volumes about the kind of value you’re getting here, especially given its modest price tag.

Easy Installation

If you have installed a granite sink before, you know it can be a nightmare without professional help. But guess what? Installing the Gravity would be a breeze, as it comes with a template and hardware for allowing users to make the installation easy and safe.

Comes Sanitized

Making the sinks “sanitized” is something that some of the brands have now started doing, as it definitely seems to be an important factor. Kitchens can have a lot of bacteria accumulation with mold, mildew and other similar agents not being very uncommon either.

A sink that comes sanitized will prevent the production of bacteria ten times better than the ones that don’t. It means that the sinks that aren’t sanitized can pave the way for unhygienic kitchen conditions, besides causing unpleasant odors.

Often times, these issues also end up causing material damage to the sink too, which significantly affects its long-term durability.

Deep and Spacious

The Gravity is 9 inches deep, meaning that it’s sufficiently deep and spacious to not make it difficult for you to wash the larger utensils. The reason we thought it’s important to clarify it is that it looks very small in the picture, and although it’s actually on the smaller side, it being very deep makes it just as spacious as a considerably larger sink that would take up a lot more space on your kitchen’s countertop.


  • Made using composite granite, meaning that the durability will be as good as it gets (especially in this price range)
  • Looks beautiful without compromising on the functionality
  • You would be surprised at how easy it is to clean and maintain, especially by granite sink standards
  • It’s a “sanitized” sink that would help protect you against bacteria and unpleasant odors
  • Although it looks small, it’s deep enough to allow you to wash all your utensils pretty comfortably


  • The shade of the sink is a little lighter than what you see in the picture, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful

A Great Choice!

Finally, we would say that the Franke Gravity is one of the few granite kitchen sinks in this price range that you can’t go wrong with. Many other sinks that are priced as affordably as it can be a hit or miss, but the Gravity’s almost universally positive reviews and the above features make it clear that it’s a winner all the way.

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