Blanco Diamond Single Bowl Sink Review

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There are products that are overpriced. There are also products that are priced just right. But then there are some products that are grossly underpriced, and they are precisely what we term as “hidden gems.”

Well, we are going to review one such hidden gem in this article – the Blanco Diamond – a product that we worked hard on to dig up (as these are often buried under tons of overpriced products).

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Rock-Solid Durability

While you would expect a granite kitchen sink to be fairly durable anyway, but the Blanco Diamond’s durability is something well beyond what most other granite sinks could offer. And that’s saying something, as granite sinks are the most durable of the lot.

It is made with Silgranit, which is 80% solid granite. This material has a lot of unique properties and is very resilient to pretty much every damaging agent you can imagine of.

To be a little more specific here, it would be heat resistant up to an unbelievable 536°F. Similarly, it can also easily withstand extremely cold conditions.

This is all thanks to it being made of Silgranit, which is a material that has been proven to be very effective at handling extreme hot and cold conditions.

However, the durability and uniqueness of this material do not end here. Apart from being resistant to extremely hot and cold conditions, it’s also resistant to scratches, stains and even common damaging agents such as household acids and alkaline solutions.

No wonder Blanco doesn’t hesitate to offer a limited lifetime warranty on this beast.

Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

You would probably be hard-pressed to prevent the Blanco Diamond to be the center of attraction in your kitchen even if you want to. There are many reasons why pretty much everyone that bought it are all praise for it, and the extremely attractive yet amazingly functional design is certainly one of them.

There are customers saying in their reviews that they get glowing compliments from people that visit their kitchen and that the sink creates a perfectly beautiful contrast. If replacing a sink is a part of your kitchen remodeling, or if you’re building a new kitchen with a modern, elegant design, it is likely as good as it gets in this price range.

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Superbly Functional

That said, it’s not just the elegance and attractiveness of the design that impresses us so much. It’s the fact that the Blanco Diamond’s design is just as functional as it’s gorgeous, which you would have to be beyond lucky to get at this price point.

It comes with a flat deck, which makes it fit to be used as both a drop-in sink and an undermount sink. We have reviewed many kitchen sinks, and there are not many that offer this kind of versatility, including the high-end ones.

Then there are very creatively designed, softly grounded drain grooves. They not only greatly add to the elegance of the sink, but also make life easier by paving the way for easier, hassle-free drainage.

The offset drain that’s a part of its design, too, isn’t something you can easily find unless you have a lot of money to spend. If you haven’t heard of it before, you will be really surprised when you discover why it’s a great feature.

Basically, it would help you have a considerably larger workspace area than you would without it, as well as leave you with a lot more storage underneath the sink. And of course, there are not many that wouldn’t like a little more storage.

As far as the size of the cleaning area is concerned, you would probably be surprised to know that there’s nothing disappointing on this front either. The reason it may surprise you is that it seems that the majority of granite sinks in this price range offer a fairly limited cleaning area.

Not this product, though. In fact, it does the exact opposite. It’s an extra deep sink with a bigger workspace area than you will probably ever need. And this is despite its unbelievably modest price tag. Can it really get any better than this?

Well, guess what, it can! And that’s because the wonder material used to make it has something more to offer than what we discussed above. Besides its indestructible nature, it’s magically also very soft on the things you put in the sink.

In other words, be it dinnerware or fine crystal products, you wouldn’t have to worry about they ending up getting damaged in any way. The Silgranit material really is pretty unique, and we haven’t seen anything like it before.

The hole of the sink, too, is located at just the perfect spot. It would make the regular cleaning a whole lot less challenging by not interfering with it in any way, which is annoyingly common with some other sinks with a poorly located hole.

Similarly, it would also promote effective drainage, and you would be left with little to no stuff on the surface of the sink to take care of. Perhaps just letting some water run through the surface would get rid of whatever little may still remain on it after the extremely well-thought-out drainage system deals with the rest.

Also, the sound resistance of this product is great, even by a granite sink’s standards. If you have been using a stainless steel sink, it will totally be a pleasant change.

Finally, it’s also incredibly easy to clean; all you may have to do is just wipe down using a sponge and it will probably be looking as good as it did when you first unpacked it. You likely also wouldn’t have water spots or any other similar issue to deal with that increase the time you spend cleaning the sink.

Unbelievably Affordable

Honestly speaking, we think the Blanco Diamond would be a good buy even if it was being sold for twice the price it’s currently being sold at. This isn’t something we would say for many products, as most of them seem to be priced just right or even overpriced.

The Blanco Diamond, though, is certainly underpriced. If your budget is low and you’re after a super durable granite kitchen sink, we wouldn’t recommend bothering with researching other products and instead just hitting the “Buy” on this product.

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