Blanco Cerana Apron Front Sink Review

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Luxury certainly doesn’t come cheap, especially when it comes to kitchen products. Needless to mention, if you want to get a “luxury” kitchen sink, you need to be prepared to spend a bomb.

Did you find that disappointing? Well, guess what, we have some good news for you. If you want a luxury kitchen sink that infuses magic into your kitchen and suddenly makes it look like it’s the best kitchen in the neighborhood, but without having to spend an arm and a leg on it, then we have something for you that you will be pleased to know about.

Yes, you guessed it right! It’s the product we are reviewing in this article – the Blanco 518541 33-Inch Cerana Apron Front. But it would be a shame to not talk about its features in detail, so here we go.

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Brings Luxury to Your Kitchen

Made of authentic fireclay and sporting a rich, unique design, the Blanco Cerana has luxury written all over it. It comes with a luxurious look and feel, and it will surely transform the overall look of your kitchen. There are customers saying how they keep getting compliments from pretty much everyone that visits their kitchen; this sink is a real attention-grabber.

The combination of a farmhouse sink and fireclay is pretty much unbeatable, as it offers the best in terms of durability, functionality AND breathtaking looks (if you manage to pick the right product). However, you probably need to have quite a bit of luck on your side to find this combination being offered from a trusted brand for an affordable price.

Surprisingly Durable

Luxury kitchen products often have a history of being a little disappointing on the durability front. This is especially true with purchases where you try to go for luxury while staying on a strict budget.

However, you will probably be relieved to know that the Blanco Cerana manages to stand out from the other similar products in this price range as far as the durability is concerned. While it’s fairly affordable for a luxury kitchen sink, it’s surprisingly durable as well.

There are customers using it for a long time now, and they are very pleased with how it has held up so far. In fact, one particular customer also mentioned that there are no stains on it even after 11 months of use, let alone any major durability issues.

Now, to be fair with our review, we did find another customer who was very pleased with this sink for about a year, but then they said that some cracks developed on the surface and they are now a little worried (although they are being assisted by Blanco’s customer support team to resolve the issue). However, this was probably the only customer that encountered the said issue, with the vast majority of the ratings this product getting being a gleaming 5-star.

Versatility at Its Best!

The Blanco Cerana offers pretty much everything you would expect in a high-end sink, despite actually being offered at a far lower price. Besides being beautiful, durable and much more, it’s also very versatile.

The dual-style design it comes in not only makes it look stylish and blend well with all types of kitchen décor but also allows it to be impressively versatile. The design is actually reversible, and you can make it look both modern and traditional, which is great for kitchens without a specific theme.

Then the fireclay material it’s made of is pretty versatile itself, allowing for an easy, comfortable washing space and being surprisingly easy to clean. Also, despite the wonderful looks and other great features, its maintenance needs are fairly limited.

Huge Washing Area

Unlike many other “premium” kitchen sinks that fail to deliver much on the functionality front and come with a very limited washing area, the Blanco Cerana turns out to be very generous in terms of its size as well.

While it may look a little on the smaller side in the pictures, you would actually be surprised at how large the washing area really is. Your largest of pans and utensils would look tiny in it, and you would have a lot of empty space around the things you’re cleaning, ensuring an even more comfortable and convenient washing experience.

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