Undermount Granite 32x21x10.62 in. 0-Hole Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

For any new kitchen replacements, this Undermount Granite Sink is very stylish and the espresso color is incredibly charming. It is very innovative and it gives the homeowners a modern look to the home. This is an undermount sink that is made of granite that features a large double bowl. The color will make any kitchen look beautiful. There are other colors to choose from, but the espresso seems to be a fan favorite because of how neutral it is.

Any kitchen renovation will look complete with this new sink. This sink is sold in many different stores and also online for convenience. It is made out of 80% natural quartz and has quite the appeal to it when added in the kitchen. It is extremely durable and functional. In the kitchen, it will come in handy when homeowners are trying to wash a lot of dishes or those larger pots and pans that generally do not fit in standard sinks.

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  • The curved design of this sink is one that many customers love. They are also fans of just how functional it is.
  • It is very easy to install and comes with some easy to read, step by step instructions.
  • The color is incredibly rich.
  • Because it is made of 80% quartz, this is one of the strongest sinks on the market today. The only stone stronger than quartz is actual diamond so this says a lot for the sturdiness of this model.
  • The left bowl is 10-inches deep and the right bowl is 7-inches deep which is perfect for cleaning those larger pots and pans.
  • Lastly, the sink is impervious to boiling water, so there is no need to worry that it will get harmed by it.


  • A few customers have had problems with this sink chipping too easily.
  • Because it is made of quartz, sometimes it will cause the sink to scratch rather easily too.
  • Some customers have noticed that the water in the sink does not move quickly enough down the drain which can cause the water to pool up just a bit. They also mentioned that because of this, it is terribly difficult to keep this sink as clean as they would like for it to be.

Overall, the quality and appeal of this sink are there. Customers love the way that it looks in their homes and they love the color and how it brings out the other parts of their kitchen. With the deep bowls, there is no wonder they love it so much. This sink is available in many other colors, but the espresso color is currently the most popular among homeowners and plumbers. This sink will add a lot of pizazz and color to any kitchen. It can also be used in a laundry setting, but the kitchen is the preferred location.