Ruvati RVH8400 Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink Review

Why should you consider the Ruvati RVH8400 Kitchen Unit:

If you are in the middle of renovating or building a new kitchen then you should take a look at this fabulous kitchen sink. It comes with dual rectangular bowls and is a modern, clean-cut unit. It is a good-looking unit so you get two things – something attractive and something practical.


This kitchen sink is cleverly designed to prevent dishes in the sink from settling on top of the drain, blocking the flow of water. It has stylish drain grooves that channel the water to the drain, thereby avoiding any blockage of the flow. This allows the sink to stay clean at all times and to look good, even when packed to the brim with dishes and even when guests are gathering in the kitchen.


Each sink is considerately handmade out of stainless steel and has a deluxe satin finish. It is one of those flawless choices for your kitchen, especially if you are looking for something modern, easy to clean, long lasting and also heavy duty.

Not only is it practical, it enhances the kitchen space. It does not scratch easily and the two basket strainers have these small handles so you do not have to ever handle leftover dirty food bits or scum.

It is important to note the heavy-duty part. If you are designing marble or quartz tops around, the unit will not be damaged easily.

The sinks are deep. Each sink has a drain to collect any debris and a small cup that fits into the drain. You can use the metal hook to lift the cup out of the sink, so again you never have to touch anything dirty. We love this idea; there is nothing worse than having to pick up leftover bits of food from a sink and dirty water.

The sinks are easy to clean with their tight radius corners. The contemporary look is maintained all the way through.

When delivered it comes in a large cardboard box, well protected by Styrofoam. The packaging is perfect. The instructions are clear and easy to use and these units are easy to assemble.

The sink is perfect for people who are doing their own renovations and also perfect for any general contractors, builders or handymen who are remodeling kitchens. The under mounting is easy to use and the instructions are easy to understand. The overall quality of the sink is excellent.

And then most importantly, the price is very good too as is the backup service. If there are any problems with the sink you only need to call the supplier to get immediate service and assistance.

The sink comes with a warranty and guarantee.


Everybody likes to own a sink like Ruvati RVH8400. Put in a super modern tap or faucet, and your kitchen will be contemporary and complete.

Look no further…

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