Porcelain Kitchen Sink Reviews 2018 – The Old School Material

Uncle Paul’s Choice: Houzer PCG-3600 WH Porcela Series Kitchen Sink

When it comes to kitchen sinks, stainless steel and copper seem to be all the rage lately. The popularity of those materials is spreading as more and more millennial design their homes around an adopted, more 20s industrial, aesthetic. But the forgotten star of the 20s kitchen, the big basin, kitchen porcelain sink is being left behind. Do not make the same mistake in your design. If you want a modern day throwback that is functional and eye catching, porcelain is the way to go!

Best Porcelain Sinks of 2018


Houzer PCG-3600
30.9 x 17.3 x 9 inches

Houzer PCS-2500
22.8 x 17.4 x 9 inches

Ignoring porcelain kitchen sink for other materials is a mistake and less true to history

For anyone that appreciates or wishes to truly celebrate the history behind their décor, the kitchen sink is one of the best places to begin. Life now seems to revolve around the kitchen and centers somewhere very near the kitchen sink. When you go to a party or gathering and you are just hanging out leisurely, don’t you find yourself, at one point or another gathered with friends and acquaintances in the kitchen? These must be some instinct, a connection to something in the past that draws people into or near to the kitchen. It doesn’t matter that the decorations, music, prepared snacks and drinks are in the main room(s) of the home, the kitchen is the place that gets the most action.

It feels like when you are allowed to gather around the kitchen sink with the host and other friends, you have been given a kind of “backstage pass” to the party. You have been welcomed into the in crowd and feel a kinship with the people around you that are a little deeper and much more intimate. The sink is the modern day watering hole and we are naturally drawn into its gravity.

Porcelain sink as a conversation piece

As a person that wants to host an amazing gathering of friends and loved ones, you may incorporate some items into your decorating that stand out as conversation starters. It always feels good to be the expert in the room and when you have planned the layout of the room, you are less likely to be stuck in the awkward silence of an 8 ½ month pregnant pause. You will always be equipped with something to say and you will always have the best, wittiest story to share about the highlights of your home.

You, as the host will, inevitably end up in the kitchen at multiple points of your shindig and may be surprised to find it filled with some of your closer pals. If you are going to rock your party, you need to be able to rock every room of the place! You have an amazing opportunity to embed a conversation starter into, arguably, the most important piece of equipment in your kitchen: the sink.

Some people have gone with copper sink or stainless steel sinks because of their more industrial look and feel, but those that have an eye for a true throwback might feel that the best option would be something along the lines of a big, beautiful, truly old school, basin style porcelain apron sink. It will give your kitchen the feeling and comfort of a warm home. The porcelain gives a clean feeling without seeming too sterile, and the basin style will still hearken back to a time that seems to call out to connect so deeply with the millennial you know and love.

Porcelain is better for your kitchen because…

Aside from the fact that it can stand up as an equally interesting conversation piece, you may find that porcelain is easier to maintain than copper or stainless steel, as they are easily scratched and nicked, and are difficult to repair once marked by wear and tear. While it is definitely en vogue to have pieces in your home that have “character,” you still want to be able to fix or refinish more major damage quickly and without huge expense.

While porcelain can stain or chip over time, it is still the best choice for your kitchen. A porcelain kitchen sink is easy to clean and if it chips, it is very easy to refinish and revive. That is the reason your great grandparents chose porcelain for their kitchens in the 1920s and 30s over other materials. It was (and is) strong and durable, useful and rustic and helped the room to have a clean, homey, feel. Porcelain has stood the test of time and will continue to do so. You can still find apartments and houses fitted with their original porcelain sinks and they look and function as good as they did when they were brand new.

New porcelain kitchen sinks that are custom built can still blend well with other porcelain appliances and machines in your kitchen. Porcelain is a visual reminder of the past, but is still timeless.

Cost is king

Overall you will also find that porcelain is less expensive than the more popular materials today. Stainless would definitely be a close second place and copper is the most cost prohibitive of the three. Porcelain is readily available, easy to use for custom builds and will leave plenty in your budget for the other things in your home you want to improve or highlight. It would be easy to go on, but this seems to be enough of a financial argument for most. The more you can save on individual pieces and projects, the more you have to spread around to other, more major things.


Porcelain is absolutely ready for its day in the sun again. As current times call back to an era a hundred years passed, actually using and highlighting the materials of that day is the truest way to honor those that came first. It is easy to see and to understand that remembering the style and aesthetic of a period while allowing the materials of that same era to fall by the wayside it a crucial mistake. It is a mistake you do not want to make. Let that sink in for a minute. If your home is going to have elements that reach into the past to honor and celebrate simpler times, you need to make kitchen sink porcelain an absolute must. Make the right choice.