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Be it a new home or a newly remodeled one, one of the first things that come to notice is the kitchen, bathroom sink and faucets. Thus, many homeowners make sure that they install modern and updated appliances that will appeal to the people coming in. One of the biggest things that entice customers or anyone who owns a home is copper sinks. These sinks are thought to be highly durable and more functional than any other types, and these sinks are mostly preferred for the kitchen.

If you are a contractor or a layman who is looking to change or install new appliances, then you must be aware of MR Direct, one of the biggest and true names dealing in sinks and faucets. Known for its quality and designs, the brand ensures that you get some of the best products on the market.

If you are unaware of this name and are looking to find an honest opinion on the manufacturer, then your best choice is to read reviews from various sources, like Uncle Paul’s Kitchen. These reviews will help you gain a better understanding of the company and the products that it offers. Plus, they are actual opinions of people who have had some experience dealing with the brand.

Mr Direct Sink Reviews 2017

mr direct sink reviews

MR Direct 903
33 x 22 x 9.5 inches

MR Direct 911
Farmhouse / Apron Front
33.2 x 22.2 x 9.9 inches


You name the type of sink or faucet you want for your home, and these guys have it. For bathrooms and kitchens, there are multiple designs available for sinks and faucets. You could say that the one in high demand is the copper sink for the kitchen as many people find that to fit the modern look of their home. Reviews from various sources share the same view about its designs; they are flawless and fantastic. They add taste to a home-like no other can, uplifting the entire look of the place and making sure that it’s everything that you could ask for. You will also get a variety of colors to choose from for the different types of sinks. However, the faucets will come in the primary colors that are used all over the world.

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You will even find high cabinets to go with the sinks if you choose a bowl or above-the-counter sink. These cabinets have incredible designs and look like they have been crafted by experienced professionals. If you want to complete the look for your bathroom or kitchen, then you can consider getting these cabinets.


The quality with which these sinks are built is impeccable. The grade-A quality of the products shines through when you take a look at the sinks and faucets. When you touch the products, you will be able to detect the fineness of these items.

To judge the quality of these products better, you can go through some reviews on our site. The items that are available with MR Direct are built to last you for a long time. No matter how much they are used or how roughly, these products will suffer from minimal to no damage at all. Your bathroom or kitchen will stay updated with style for a good number of years.

These sinks and faucets are built using some of the best material available. Whether it is stainless steel or copper, the materials are picked up from the best supplier to ensure that the end product is up to par with the quality standards set by the company.


One of the most important things for anyone concerned with sinks and faucets is their performance. You will come across many items by other brands which, although made of excellent quality, are not performing as well as you would have expected. For example, some faucets may not produce the water pressure that you had expected, thus lowering the performance standards.

MR Direct is one company that does not make any compromise on the performance of its products. It has ensured that each item lasts customers for a long time and performs up to par with their expectations.

The sinks will not suffer from any cracks and will not allow any water to be spilled. They will be easy to clean and will gleam as if they were brand new.

The faucets are also easy to operate and will produce just the right amount of water pressure. Once you choose the amount of water exiting, that consistency will be maintained throughout.


Price is an important factor that you need to take into account whenever you are purchasing anything. If you have a budget, you would want to stick with it. Yes, we agree that MR Direct can be labeled as a bit pricey overall, but each product has a different price.

There are some cheap options available as well, and some are priced reasonably, while others are a little bit higher. The thing is that it depends on the style and design of the item you have chosen. If it’s more modern and has a lot of creative design added to it, then it is likely to cost a bit higher than what you may be looking for. The simpler products would cost less than other items. Basically, it’s all about the design when it comes to the price.

However, the good thing about the company is that it ensures that consumers get great value for the price they are paying for the product. Yes, the prices are market competitive, so no matter where you go, you will find almost the same price range, which is the beauty of MR Direct.


As mentioned earlier, there are loads of reviews that can be found on Uncle Paul’s Kitchen. These reviews should be enough to convince you to purchase the product because they are just that good. One thing is for sure; people love the quality and designs of the brand.