Houzer PCG-3600 WH Porcela Series Porcelain Enamel Steel Undermount Sink Review

For a great kitchen or bar sink, look no further than the Houzer PCG-36. This is a single bowl, undermount sink that is very contemporary. The single bowl is very large and that is why it is so attractive to have in the kitchen. It will help with those larger pots and pans that are always tough to clean. This sink is one of the easiest to maintain and the name Houzer indicates that it is a very fine quality sink with a great price tag attached to it.

Many homeowners and plumbers alike have installed this sink in their homes because of the way that it looks. It looks very modern, but will also match with any traditional kitchen or home bar. With the step-by-step instructions that come with the sink, it is no wonder that homeowners choose to install it themselves.


  • This sink is easy to install.
  • It is very lightweight, easy to keep it clean and scratch free.
  • Customers love that this sink is made of porcelain enamel and that that gives it a much more modern look and feel to it.
  • Some say it looks like an older cast iron model and they love the attractiveness to it.
  • This sink is easy to use and once the right faucet has been attached to it, it becomes the perfect combination to put in any home.


  • Some customers said that the surface of this sink is very dull and they were not impressed with that fact.
  • Few customers also have seen the sink chipping after only a few months of having it.
  • Many homeowners said that they had to apply a special sink finish to it in order to keep it in good shape.

The look of Houzer PCG-36 is exquisite and homeowners really enjoy having it in their kitchens. Because it is very attractive, there are many faucet combinations that will match it perfectly. Once it has been installed, it is vital to take care of the sink. By using mild cleansers and sponges, that will protect it fully from having any unnecessary scratches and tears. The finish on this sink will last homeowners for quite some time and it will easily match almost any backsplash and countertops. Once this sink has been installed, homeowners can be fully prepared to have a lot of compliments about it.