Houzer CTR-1700 Contempo Series Bar/Prep Sink Review

When searching for a new stainless steel sink for bar or kitchen prep, this is one of the best ones on the market today. The Houzer CTR-1700 is an 18-gauge sink made with T304 stainless steel. It features the mega shield insulation in order to keep the sink very quiet when dishes have been dropped inside of it. This sink will fit any counter space that is twenty-four inches in diameter. It is very contemporary and homeowners really like it because it was Zen-inspired. This gives the home a calming feel to it. This sink features a rear-set drain and is resistant to corrosion and dents.

For plumbers and homeowners who love do-it-yourself projects, this sink is perfect. Many homeowners have used it solely in the kitchen, whereas others have used it in the kitchen and the home bar area. It is a very attractive sink that can be used in practically any room of the house.

When buying this sink, it is best to know what type of countertop it will look best in. From all of the reviews on it, the best place for it is in granite or marble countertops. The appeal of it just makes the countertops stand out more and it brings people’s eye straight to the beautiful sink.


  • This sink has such a modern look to it that customers have been switching out all of their sinks in the house to the Houzer CTR-1700.
  • Homeowners have been very satisfied with the depth of the sink and like how many dishes and glasses they can fit into it.
  • This sink gives the kitchen, bathroom, or home bar a very updated and modern look. It will turn any space into the perfect Zen-inspired room. By adding some lucky bamboo nearby, the look will be fully complemented.


  • Some of the customers said that after only having the sink installed for a few months, they already began to see a lot of rust.
  • Many owners of the sink noticed that there were strange build ups of mildew along the sides of it even after it had been cleaned quite a bit.

The Houzer CTR-1700 may not be a sink that is made for everyone, but for those who want to add just a bit more Zen to their home, it is definitely made for them. This sink can help to turn any room into one that is more modern and has quite the appeal to it. Once this sink has been installed, it will truly bring the room together for some calm and relaxing times at the bar or in the kitchen.

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