Blanco 441309 Performa 1.75 Medium Bowl Sink Review

In the last years, the granite sinks are starting to become a very popular choice for many kitchens and we can understand why. They are modern, stylish, practical and affordable. Even if you find them as “granite sinks” you have to know that they are made from a granite composite, meaning that they are 80% granite and the other 20% acrylic resin. This combination promises durability and resistance, and these are the top two reasons why you should take it into consideration when remodeling your kitchen, not to mention the fact that granite goes with everything and you can even choose your favorite color.

It is the most durable and resistant material

If you are remodeling your kitchen and you are looking for a sink that will last a lifetime, the Blanco Performa granite composite sink is for you. The granite composite contains 80% hard rock granite and nothing can scratch or chip it.

blanco 441309 2The asymmetrical division is great for big pots and long handles

The sink is 10 inches deep and it is divided in two bowls, a big one perfect for big pots and other dishes that are voluminous, and a smaller bowl that is perfect for washing smaller and cleaner dishes, soaking different items or rinsing fruits and vegetables.

The subdivision offers many advantages

Also, this division is great for maintaining the sink clean and washing in appropriate conditions for different dishes. The delicate items won’t come in contact with the big and greedy pots and this is an important aspect to keep in mind. Also, the depth assures you that the water won’t splash to the rest of the kitchen and you will always have a clean counter.

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The pros – top reasons to buy the Blanco Performa sink:

  • It is heat resistant, you can toss a hot pan in the sink and nothing will happen;
  • Nothing can stain it and it is very easy to clean it, just wash everything with water and you will never see spots on your sink and if you had a stainless steel sink before you know what we are talking about;
  • It doesn’t chip or crack like the ceramic sinks, you will forget about worrying that you might have chipped the sink when that pot slipped from your hands while washing it;
  • The 10 inch depth is great for washing big dishes and keeping the kitchen clean.

The cons – don’t forget about them:

  • The sink comes in a matte range of colors;
  • You have to remember that it is deeper than other sinks and some garbage disposal systems might not work with this sink.

blanco 441309 4

In conclusion, if you want a practical sink that is large enough for all sorts of dishes including big pans; a sink made of a material that is very easy to clean and durable, the Blanco Performa granite composite sink is for you. It is modern, resistant, easy to install and maintain. It is the best sink of all.

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