Franke ORX110 Orca Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink Review

If you want to make sure that your entire house is an epitome of style and elegance, the kitchen is an area that warrants attention as well. Often, this area is neglected owing to which people end up being apprehensive if someone enters it. Therefore, you should endeavor to make sure that your kitchen does not suffer from lack of attention and looks as stylish as the rest of the house. Among the various items that form part of a kitchen, one essential thing is the sink. A kitchen is incomplete without a sink. However, people often do not think much while purchasing this item. It is advisable to make it certain that the sink is also stylish and appealing to look at. One option that would not let you down in this regard is the Franke ORX110 Orca Kitchen Sink. It is provided with all the features that would cater to all the requirements that you may have.

Appealing to look at

The first thing that would strike you about this kitchen sink is the design that it is provided with. It manages to win heart the moment one sets eyes on it. Being rimmed with an accessory shelf that is unique to the brand, it is provided with a sparkle finish. It is apparent that exquisite attention has been paid to the designing of this kitchen sink. Thus, it would enhance the style quotient of your kitchen significantly.

Profound in quality

High standards of quality have been maintained in the manufacture of this kitchen sink. Stainless steel of profound quality has been used for the purpose. Thus, you could be certain that it will last for a long time. It is highly durable and easy to clean and maintain as well. Therefore, you would not have to look for an alternative anytime soon. It will continue to look as good as new for a long time to come.


  • Rimmed with the unique Franke accessory shelf
  • Provided with sparkle finish
  • Profound quality of materials used in manufacture
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Steel gauge: 18

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

It is not easy to find a kitchen sink that is impressive to look at, profound in quality, durable, and affordable. Thus, this Franke ORX110 Orca Kitchen Sink is among those options that you will find it to be worthy of consideration. This kitchen sink has managed to win the approval of most people who have purchased it. This is why it has attained an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars which is enough to tell you that this is not a product that would leave you disappointed. The only problem that people have with it is that it is a tad bit large in size and thus cannot be used in small-sized kitchens. While this is a grievance, if your kitchen size is suitable for the sink, it is one of the best options that you will find on the market.

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