Corner Kitchen Sink Reviews 2018 – Maximize The Corner Spaces

Uncle Paul’s Choice: Ruvati RVH8400 Corner Kitchen Sink

There are a lot of things to consider when you are designing or redesigning a kitchen. What are the most effective ways to take advantage of all the square footage you have? How are you going to maximize storage and keep a good sized working area open and available to you? You may not think so right now, but the first place that you might want to consider is your kitchen sink.

Everything but the kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks seem to fall closer to the bottom of the list when planning a kitchen build. You think about cabinets, appliances and even floors first. You think about everything but the sink. If you decided to start with the sink, you might have blown your own mind with the other ideas that rush in as you show yourself something different.

If you are still planning and sketching your new kitchen build, please take a second and put your sink in the corner of the kitchen. Yes, the corner of the kitchen. Adjust the style and size of your cabinet below the sink. Notice how much more sink you get and consider how much it can hold. Nice right?! Not convinced…? Why?

Nobody puts “Sinky” in a corner

Of course they do! Corner sink kitchen can be the gateway to a lot more storage space and a much larger surface area for prep. Consider carefully and really think about all of the area that can be lost in a corner of your kitchen. Those are the spots that get buried in clutter, grocery store receipts and cookbooks, ingredients you do not or will not use, your kids’ macaroni art project form last year and other things that do not fit your “junk drawer” but definitely qualify. Not the macaroni art, of course… all the other stuff. Corners are wasted square footage.

Here is a comparison table for corner sinks in the market:

Best Corner Sinks of 2018


Ruvati RVH8400
43.8 x 23 x 10 inches

Houzer LCR-3221-1
Drop In
31.9 x 31.9 x 8 inches

Elkay DE217323
Drop In
48.8 x 28.6 x 10.1 inches

Installing a corner kitchen sink is a great way to effectively use as much of that space as possible, while freeing up much needed counter space on top and greatly increasing all of the important storage capacity below.

You will notice that when you install a kitchen corner sink, plumbing is easier as there is much more room for the pipes; you will have more open territory for cleaning supplies and other “under the sink” lifers as well. When you corner your kitchen sink the space below it becomes accessible and useful.

Think about the cabinets in the corners of your kitchen right now. If there was any attempt to make use of the space you have at least one cabinet with a large cavernous opening just past the cabinet door that you won’t use because reaching in there for anything is awkward and difficult. You can see what you are reaching for, all of the stuff in that space is grimy or dusty because you never see it when you open the door, or all of it has gone beyond its date of usefulness. What a waste. Even worse than that is if your builder didn’t care about making an attempt to use that space and decided to just sacrifice it. Your cabinet ends where it meets its counter-part at an angle and the triangular rift between them is lost.

It’s Time to Turn the Corner

Corner sink is the way to go if you want to maximize the use of the work-space in your kitchen. Corner sinks for kitchens are stylish, they will certainly hold more, and they make wonderful use of what would otherwise be a stretch of useless counter space and help reduce kitchen clutter.