Gridmann 1 Compartment NSF Commercial Kitchen Prep & Utility Sink Review

For those in need of a kitchen of laundry sink, the Gridmann Company brings another top quality stainless steel sink. The Gridmann 1 compartment sink is made for commercial use in areas such as kitchens. This sink is NSF certified and has one very large bowl. It has adjustable feet that can bring the sink higher and lower. It comes with one basket strainer for the drain that will help to protect the pipes from debris and unused food products. This sink was made for the customers to work in comfort and with the adjustable legs, there is no need to strain their backs.

This sink has been made for commercial use in places like kitchens, cafes, restaurants, bars, and even in laundry rooms. Because the sink is very deep, it is helpful for any type of commercial establishment. There are plenty of ways to use this sink and the quality of it is just exquisite. With the functionality of this sink, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular ones from the Gridmann Company.

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  • The bowl is incredibly deep. There is so much room for glassware, dishes, or other items that need to be washed or stored.
  • With the easy installation guide, this is one of the easiest sinks to install.
  • It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel so it is very sturdy and will last for many years of usage.
  • This sink is not only functional, but it is attractive for customers and guests to see.


  • There have been a few customers that have said that the feet are not sturdy on the sink and it has a tendency to fall over if it has not been mounted to a wall.
  • There are a few people who were not fond of the off-square shape. This was not a shape that they found very helpful or attractive.

Regardless of the negatives, the Gridmann Company continues to make sinks that are functional and sturdy. This company has been making high quality sinks for a number of years now and continues to outdo itself each time. The 1 compartment sink by Gridmann is no different. In the commercial industries, sinks like this are vital to the performance of the employees and will make their jobs much easier. This sink is one of a kind and can be part of the help when it comes to cleaning large pots and pans and soaking dirty dishes.

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