Commercial Kitchen Sink Reviews 2018 – The Chefs’ Favorite

Uncle Paul’s Choice: Gridmann 1 Compartment NSF Commercial Kitchen Prep & Utility Sink

There is nothing cooler nowadays than a kitchen with a sleek, clean, industrial feel. Getting home and walking through your front door and seeing that beautiful commercial kitchen sink shining so cleanly in your kitchen will bring a smile to your face every time. Stainless steel is the ideal way to go for all of your kitchen appliances because it is easy to clean, it fits in with almost any decorating scheme and it is relatively inexpensive.

Do not decide to stay away because a commercial stainless steel sink is fashionable, buy one because they are functional, professional grade, shiny and clean; get that sink because you know you want it…

Here is a comparison table for commercial sinks in the market:

Best Commercial Sinks of 2018


Gridmann Kitchen Prep & Utility Sink
25.5 x 25 x 25 inches

Gridmann Sink with Drainboard
40.5 x 26 x 24 inches

Gridmann Underbar Sink
39 x 20.5 x 16 inches

Steel your heart against lesser materials

You spend a lot of money on the tools you use in your kitchen because quality matters. You buy the best knives you can afford, the best pots and pans fit your budget and the best appliances at the price point you can manage. You care enough about what you do in your kitchen at home that you want it to be as close to professional grade as it can be. That is exactly why you need stainless steel commercial sinks. It is the perfect complement to your growing collection of gadgets and gizmos and can act as the glue that holds the collection together.

Nerves of steel

Choose your industrial kitchen sink wisely. If the thickness is too slight or there are no dampening pads or linings added, you will have a noisy sink. It will become incredibly unnerving over time. It will not seem like such a big deal at first, but eventually the tiniest drips will sound like boulders crashing down from the highest heavens. It is understandable to want the right look and style for your place, but none of that will matter when you are on your way to the asylum. Think quality first.

Thinner stainless steel will dent. Lower grade stainless will rust eventually as low grade stainless usually goes hand in hand with a low grade finish.

This is the sink you will use every day for the next few years and you are going to appreciate the beating it can take because of the few extra dollars you decided to spend way back when purchasing it.

The above warnings basically read like commercial stainless steel is a certified bank breaker. Thankfully, that is not true… for the most part.

Wallet like a steel trap

Stainless steel sinks commercial are not going to break your piggy bank. Put the hammer down and keep reading. Industrial stainless steel sinks start out at around $100 with the more bearable and useful ones floating around $350. Obviously as with any product of any material, the sky is definitely the limit. If you want to go nuts and design a sink that is insanely complicated, or uses steel recovered from the Titanic, you can end up spending a lot more; but if you think practically and know exactly what you need, you will end up with a quality sink and still have a few pennies left for old “Oinky” to keep safe for you.

In Conclusion

If you appreciate a more industrial feel in your décor, want to use the most professional grade equipment, or value simplicity and effectiveness over all else while still enjoying your kitchen at home, commercial stainless steel sinks are for you. They are highly functional, easy to customize, professional looking, clean and fashionable.