Best Kitchen Sink Brands 2018

A Quick Look at the Brands Offering Kitchen Sinks


Kraus is inarguably one of the most popular manufacturers of bath and kitchen products. It seems to be doing well at offering kitchen sinks and other products that come with an urban, modern design with a touch of innovation.

It’s also well known for introducing many new, unique products to the market, something that has helped it become and remain one of the market leaders. Finally, Kraus also seems to be getting its products’ pricing just right, as there seems to be something for pretty much every customer no matter their budget.


Based in Germany, Blanco has build a reputation for the unique craftsmanship they bring to the table with all their products. The design of their products usually doesn’t fail to stand out, thanks to being attractively unique and nothing like ordinary.

Blanco is actually also known for their unique approach towards the materials they use to make their products. Many of Blanco’s kitchen sinks are made of pure granite, which is a very durable, aesthetically appealing material. Needless to say, this naturally makes their products very durable and long-lasting.

Somehow however, Blanco still manages to offer many of its products at surprisingly low prices. For anyone on a budget they are certainly something to look into.


While not the most popular brand on this list, Franke tries to offer something unique in its own way as well. Functionality is usually a strong point of many of Franke’s kitchen sinks. It focuses on making its products “tailor-made” for the customers and apparently puts a lot of effort into its products’ designs.

Apart from that, it seems to offer a fairly large range of different styles and designs to choose from. Also, although many of its products are priced all over the place, you probably wouldn’t be disappointed regardless of whether you’re on a budget or looking for one of the more premium kitchen sinks out there.


Elkay is an American company that was founded in 1920. As you can probably guess, it’s one of the oldest manufacturers of kitchen products on the market, and owns many different brands.

While Elkay offers quite a few different kitchen products today, sinks are what it started with and hence can boast of specializing in that market better than the others.

It focuses on offering some of the best kitchen sinks made of stainless steel in particular, and not the ones made using other materials. This makes it clear who you would want to go with if you’re considering a stainless steel sink as against the ones made of other materials.

Something you may want to note is that Elbay’s sinks don’t seem to be the best as far as the design is concerned, but don’t leave much to be desired with respect to the quality, durability and functionality.


We have another brand on this list that takes pride in manufacturing world-class stainless steel kitchen products. However, Ruvati is one of the newer brands on this list, and certainly doesn’t seem to be as popular as some of the others.

That doesn’t take anything away from the quality of its products, though. The customers seem to be all praise for what its kitchen sinks have to offer. Unique, innovative design, great durability and excellent functionality are some of the highlighting features of its products. Furthermore, some of its most popular sinks seem to be priced very affordably, making Ruvati kitchen sinks one of the best options for customers on a budget that are looking for a high-quality stainless steel sink.

Mr Direct

Another brand that you may not have heard about. Mr Direct is definitely not the brand for everyone, as it seems to be primarily focused on offering extremely low-priced kitchen sinks. While it does offer some copper sinks in the mid to high price range, most of its stainless steel kitchen sinks seem to be priced surprisingly affordably – think well under $100 prices!

While aesthetics is far from the best thing about Mr Direct’s kitchen sinks, they are fairly functional and durable for their price.


Houzer is probably the latest kitchen sinks brand on our list. However, don’t mistake that for the products not being reliable; Houzer’s products seem to be making a mark in the market already thanks to their affordable pricing, availability of a wide range of designs and aesthetic appeal.

That said, you would be still be better served with a Kraus sink if you’re after a premium sink; while one of Houzer’s sinks may turn out to be your best bet if you’re on a tiny budget.


Innovation is the word that comes to mind when asked to describe Swanstone’s kitchen sinks. Its sinks are very different from most other brands on the market, helping it give some of the much more well-established brands a run for their money when it comes to offering a great value.

It’s really hard to beat Swanstone sinks on the design and aesthetics front. Also, many of its sinks also boast a great level of resistance against typical, common sink issues such as staining and scratches.

Finally, Swanstone’s products also seem to be priced just about perfect – neither too high to disappoint customers on a modest budget, nor too low to have to compromise on the quality or looks of the products.