Bar Sink Reviews 2018 – If your Bar Sink Stinks Your Party Sinks

Uncle Paul’s Choice: Ruvati RVH7110 16 Gauge 14″ Bar Single Bowl Sink

When you are entertaining guests in your home, you want them to eat, drink and be comfortable. It is important to you that the people you invite over actually want to be there. You are a great host and want your place to be equally fantastic. That is the reason you have decided to build a wet-bar, right? You know what counter tops you want; you know what fridge you are going to mount, you have picked out the racks and shelves… One big thing left: The bar sink.

Raise the bar on hosting

Your kitchen bar sink is going to be crucially important to the way you entertain. It offers a place to prep and wash vegetables for Bloody Mary mornings, a small sink to wash your glasses and mugs and a spot to wash your hands when things get messy. Your wet-bar will be the center of the action, so it is important that everything you have in there is up to snuff. You need a bar sink that suits your needs.

Here is a comparison table for bar sinks in the market:

Best Bar Sink 2018


Ruvati RVH7110
18 x 14 x 8 inches

Houzer CTR-1700
18 x 17 x 10 inches

Houzer CTB-3285
35 x 11 x 10 inches

No sinks barred

With a busy wet-bar going, you will need a sink that is functional and suits the style of your build. There are bar sinks with disposal units, small drains, raised faucets and multiple bowls. Deciding what functions you need your sink to feature could be tough. Here are a few things to consider:

Do you make drinks with garnishes, sauces, syrups or other thicker substances? You probably want an undermount bar sink with a disposal so that you can easily get rid of the waste.

Do you reuse glasses when your guest decides to change their cocktail? You might want a copper bar sink that has a much taller faucet that allows your hands to move comfortably in the water so you can wash your dirty glasses and make the next round of drinks without ever having to leave the area of the bar.

best bar sinkDo you have less fancy tastes and only want to serve shots? A stainless steel bar sink may be just right for rinsing your shot glasses and keeping the party going. You will only need enough space to hold your glasses in the faucet’s flow to clean them up, dry them and rack them with no distractions or time wasted.

Do you have a very small budget, and therefore a very small bar? You need a bar sink undermount that can be covered to add to your limited counter space.

The thing you should take away form this is that the kind of entertainment you plan to provide from behind that bar will determine the kind of sink you need to install. When you’re considering your choices, think function first and then style.

Price is king

Depending on the features you need for your sink, the size and style that suits you best and how customized your build is, you are going to walk away having spent anywhere from $75 to $500. That’s it. Those of you that are afraid that adding that bar sink is going to break the bank, good news, it will not.

In Conclusion

If entertainment is important to you and you want to step your game up more than a few notches, get that wet-bar going, stock it well and center it around the most functional and coolest looking bar sink you can find. You will be able to host and take care of your guests while still participating in and enjoying the fun of the night. In no time, your parties will be the talk of the town and the envy on the neighborhood.